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oCOSMO Reaches New Heights with MHL Capability




oCOSMO, a company whose owners have over thirty years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, hopes to raise the bar with the introduction of the oCOSMO 32” LED TV (CE3230), the HDTV that delivers an exceptional array of picture quality and multimedia possibilities.  Released in February 2014, the CE3230 boasts sharp 720P resolution on a 32” sleek and slim display.  720P HD resolution offers a diverse combination of picture clarity and sharp contrast ratio. 

Not only does this HDTV possess three HDMI ports for superb HD connectivity, but it also offers exciting new additions to its long list of impressive specifications such as:  Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and Roku Ready functions, which provide a greater variety of entertainment.  Using the MHL port, connect MHL enabled smartphones and tablets to this LED TV.  All the actions on the device will be beautifully mirrored on the 32” LED TV screen, which means all your apps can be presented on a fully visible and convenient menu.    Also using the MHL port, Roku Ready allows you to connect a Roku streaming stick directly to the CE3230 LED TV.  If you subscribe to an online streaming company, you will have access to these services.

With three HDMI ports, three entertainment systems can be connected to the HDTV at once.  For instance, while one port is used by a cable or satellite receiver, connect the other two to a Blu-ray player, gaming system, or whatever combination delivers the most entertainment.  With this 32” LED TV, entertainment and work can go hand in hand.  The CE3230 can function as a computer monitor so play all your PC games, design that work assignment, or complete a homework assignment.  The larger screen enhances your gaming experience and provides a more efficient work environment.  Use the HDMI port or the VGA input to connect the LED TV to your computer or laptop, whichever is easier and accessible.  The CE3230 is quickly proving to be a hot ticket item, as far as HDTVs with MHL are concerned.

MSRP $399.99

*Roku streaming stick not included