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     After garnering over two decade of experiences as veterans in the display and sound industry, we founded oCOSMO, Inc. in early 2013. Here at oCOSMO, we focus on designing products that are not only fashionable with the highest quality, but also at a reasonable cost. The name, oCOSMO, is derived from the word cosmopolitan, which means not limited to one part of the world. In the spirit of this definition, oCOSMO strives to grant worldwide access to extraordinary electronics.

     At oCOSMO, we acknowledge that our customers are our most valuable assets. oCosmo values all consumers' feedback by having our support team attend to the consumers' needs, which further improve our customer satisfaction and constantly enhance the quality of our products. Based on this practice, oCOSMO has gained the ability to prioritize and satisfy our consumers'  technology needs.